Unicorns Lithuania elects a new board, with Arnas Stuopelis at the head

May 31, 2024
Unicorns Lithuania elects a new board, with Arnas Stuopelis at the head

Išrinkta nauja „Unicorns Lithuania“ valdyba – jai vadovauja Arnas Stuopelis

Unicorns Lithuania, an association uniting more than 110 tech startups, has elected a new board, headed by Arnas Stuopelis – Chairman of the Board at Hostinger Group.

The Board of Unicorns Lithuania consists of 7 individuals performing their duties voluntarily, elected by members of the association. Each board has its mandate for 3 years. 

The following have been elected to the Board on May 1 of this year: Toma Sabaliauskienė (Head of Marketing at Nord Security), Mantas Katinas (CEO of Wargaming Vilnius), Gabrielė Montvilė (Chief Customer Officer at Oxylabs), and Agnė Selemonaitė (former Chairwoman of the Board and Head of Strategy at ConnectPay). 

Staying on the Board for a second term will be: Rytis Laurinavičius (Co-Founder and CEO of Omnisend), erstwhile Chairman of the Board Mantas Mikuckas (Co-Founder and former CEO of Vinted), and Arnas Stopelis. 

Arnas Stuopelis had been leader of the web hosting and related service company group Hostinger for 12 years. Having resigned from this position in late 2023, he now is one of the company’s board members. 

“Our initiative has been to bring the Lithuanian tech community together by providing a platform that helps companies to grow faster and to jointly address common issues. The main expectation for the new term will be an ambitious push to facilitate positive change and breakthrough in the country, necessary for creating a future based on a high value-added economy. We’ll be striving to empower the tech sector and to encourage innovation: from a globally competitive education system to a business environment capable of accelerating the growth of the startup ecosystem,” said the Chairman of the Board of Unicorns Lithuania. 

The association is also currently looking for a new CEO – after Inga Langaitė steps down on 1 June, Rūta Pukenė, its heretofore Chief of Communications, will be taking over in the interim. 

According to Unicorns Lithuania, nearly 1,000 startups are currently active in Lithuania, employing around 18,000 talents. In 2023, the country’s startups contributed €372M in taxes, which is 23% more than last year. Among the association’s aims is making Lithuania’s tech sector into the most important driver of economic growth in the country.


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