Unicorns Lithuania is looking for a new CEO as Inga Langaitė is stepping down

May 14, 2024
Unicorns Lithuania is looking for a new CEO as Inga Langaitė is stepping down

Inga Langaitė

The association Unicorns Lithuania, which unites more than 110 startups is looking for a new CEO. Inga Langaitė, the association’s CEO for the past 3 years, will be resigning on June 1.

“During my years with the organisation we’ve managed to bring together the members of the startup ecosystem and to build a platform enabling faster growth and the joint resolution of key issues affecting all. I’m glad that the public, institutions, and other stakeholders have come to better understand the value bestowed on Lithuania by the tech sector, as evidenced by the attention it is now getting. We’ve learned to rejoice at, and be proud of, the new generation of entrepreneurs capable of creating in Lithuania, but selling globally. However, I believe that the time has come for both the organisation and for the entire ecosystem to embrace new inspiration and new changes,” Inga Langaitė said. 

In the interim, Unicorns Lithuania will be headed by Rūta Pukenė – previously its Head of Communications. She will hold this position until a new CEO has been elected and confirmed by a board appointed by the association’s members. 

“We are very grateful to I. Langaitė, and hope that the new CEO will be no less experienced, ambitious, and bold in accelerating the growth of the entire startup ecosystem. We’re looking for a leader capable of empowering the tech sector and facilitating innovation across the country. Lithuania’s success is directly related to a high added value economy, and we are now well positioned to become Europe’s leading tech hub already this decade,” noted Mantas Mikuckas, co-founder and Board Member of Unicorns Lithuania. 

The new CEO will be required to pursue the following: promote a breakthrough in the country’s tech sector, build an active startup community, speed up the founding of new successful startups, and contribute to the improvement of the education system in order to secure a bigger supply of qualified specialists. The association is looking for a leader with strong skills in strategy and communication, experience in collaborating with state institutions and tech businesses, an inclination to cooperative initiative, and ability to inspire people to implement their ambitious visions. 

According to Unicorns Lithuania, there are currently almost 1,000 startups active in the country, employing around 18,000 talents. In 2023, startups had paid €327M in taxes, which is 23% more than last year. One of the association’s strategic aims is to make  Lithuania’s tech sector its main engine of economic growth. An overview conducted by Dealroom claims that, in 2018-2023, the value of Lithuania’s startup ecosystem grew faster than those of other European regions, reaching €13.7M – a 7-fold increase.

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