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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on the browser of your device (e.g., computer, mobile phone, tablet) when you visit websites. Other technologies, including data stored on your web browser or device, identifiers associated with your device, and other software, are used for similar purposes. Cookies are widely used to make websites work or perform better and more efficiently. All of the technologies mentioned in this policy are referred to as "cookies".

Why use cookies?

We use cookies:

  • to ensure that our website is working as it should;
  • to ensure that you do not have to log in again each time you visit our website;
  • to save your settings during and between visits;
  • to improve website speed / security;
  • to give you the option of sharing our pages on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn;
  • to enable you to customize the website based on your needs so you can find what you are searching for faster;
  • to constantly improve the website to make it even more attractive for you;
  • to develop more efficient marketing.

What types of cookies do you use?

  • Strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are necessary for the user to be able to browse and use the website's features, such as memorizing the information entered in forms when the user navigates from one page to another during the browsing session. Without strictly necessary cookies, it would be impossible to provide certain website services and the website would not work as smoothly as it should. These cookies do not collect any information for marketing purposes and do not memorize the sites that you visit online.
  • Analytics cookies. Analytics cookies collect information about the use of the website and help to improve the performance of the website. For example, analytics cookies can reveal the most frequently visited pages, help record any problems on the website, and show whether the ads displayed on the website are effective. Analytics cookies do not collect personal information from users, and all the information collected by these cookies is generalized and anonymous.
  • Preferences cookies. Functional cookies allow the website to remember your choices and provide improved and more customized features. Functional cookies also remember the changes that you make, such as personalizing a particular webpage, as well as in other cases, such as when you watch a video or leave a comment on our webpage. Functional cookies do not track your actions on other websites.
  • Marketing cookies. Target or promotional cookies are used to display ads that might be relevant to you, or to limit the number of times the same ad is displayed on the website. These types of cookies are also used to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. These cookies can be used to memorize what you viewed while visiting the website.

Which cookies do you use?

Our website uses strictly necessary, analytics and marketing cookies.

How can I manage cookies?

  • Strictly necessary cookies and analytics cookies are a prerequisite for using our website. If you opt-out of these types of cookies, we cannot predict how our website will work when you visit it.
  • You can manage the use of functionality cookies and marketing cookies by changing your browser settings.
  • Please note that if you delete cookies or disable the use of cookies in the future, you may not be able to access certain parts or features of our website. Changing your cookie settings will also affect other websites that you visit.

Information about cookies on the website

Purpose Cookie name Validity period Used data

Records the time the user accesses the website


Until the website window is closed

Unique ID

Google Analytics: recognizes users

_ga 2 years

The short randomly generated ID

Google Analytics: recognizes users _gid 1 day The short randomly generated ID

Google Analytics cookie is necessary to connect to your Google Analytics account

_utmt_UA_XXX 6 months

Google Analytics: information is stored about where the user came from, what search engine did the user use, what link did the user click on, and what keyword was used

__utma, _utmb, _utmc 2 years
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